" A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words."




Throughout history and the ancient world we have seen images portraying shining disks, glowing humanoid figures, statues, sculptures and petroglyphes.   We know that these ancient civilizations did not have any contact with each other, yet they somehow have illustrated personal accounts that are too similar to have been a mere coincidence.  The only logical explanation to these replicas is that they had witnessed the same experience.

During World War II the American and Japanese militaries created air bases on several Pacific islands.  The natives of the islands, who had never seen advanced technologies, saw these "giant metal birds" as gods coming to earth.  These "Gods" were coming straight from the sky and giving them food, medicine, and all kinds of goods.  In their eyes, they were witnessing miracles and answers to prayers.  When the war was over, these "Gods" flew back into the sky.  This prompted new religions to mushroom.  Later, in the natives' attempt to summon back these deliveries of goods, practitioners of what we today call the Cargo Cult engaged in ritualistic practices such as building crude imitation landing strips, modeling aircraft and radio equipment, and mimicking the behavior they had observed of the military personnel.

Could an experience of this nature have occurred in Nazca, Peru? The high desert holds one of the most mystifying monuments of the known world: massive-scale geoglyphs ranging from geometric patterns to drawings of different animals and human life forms.  How is it possible to draw figures that could only be seen looking down from the sky?  Are the line signs left by an alien race--or, similarly to the events in the Pacific Islands, natives attempting to bring back the gods? 

Is it a coincidence that pyramid construction similar to the ones in Egypt was also evolving half way around the world?  According to legends the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico was built by gods that were eight feet tall, and was constructed with a perimeter virtually the same size as the Pyramid of Giza.

There are many valuable points being made in the history of UFO evidence.  How were the pyramids constructed during a time when there was no machinery whatsoever?  Only the most intricate and sophisticated machineries today could transport the tons of stones over the distances that they were moved.  How were 20 tons of stones meticulously carried up a pyramid?  What method could they have used to ensure the maintenance of the pyramid thousands of years into the future?  Moreover, if the Great Pyramid of Giza was built in 20-22 years, the only way this fact could be logical is if every stone received nine seconds to be cut, transported and put into place. 

Three thousand miles away from Easter Island is Tiwanaku, another ancient site which defies scientific explanation.  Although Tiwanaku is said to be an older city estimated at having existed over seventeen thousand years ago, the structures were built in the same style and technique, and with similar expression as the ones on Eastern Island.

Puma Punku is yet another example among the myriad which defies logical explanation.  Megalithic structures lie above the entire site.  The stones which weighed over seven hundred tons were polished and had lines cut with a precision only a powerful machine tipped with a diamond could have produced.

Governments and leaders from around the world have consistently argued against these phenomena--they have done so for hundreds of years.  But despite these counteractive attempts, the United Nations has reported that from 1947 to present there have been approximately 150 million witnesses to UFO sightings throughout the globe.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world

indeed, it is the only thing that ever has "

We will continue to look for answers as to why they are here, where they come from, how they get here, and what we will do when and if they decide to make themselves known openly to this curious, tiny, third planet from the Sun we call Earth.

I hope this site will spark your curiosity and lead you to your own conclusions. 


Rachid Echahly






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