Disclosure Conference At The National Press Club

Live On CNN


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The solution to all of this: 1) All nukes in the world must be dismantled. 2) Governments disclose all they know about ET. 3) Humans must refrain from acting in panic & embrace our reality and our future, as well as our spirituality. Religions would have to swallow hard & accept they are not authority. 4) Free-energy technologies must be released to free humans of the power-based bindings we live under now. The money/power model of human existence need to go. We need to be freed.

Open letter to Uncle Sam: You're in a parodox, concealing ET & UFO truths. You are desperate in that you need people to believe in you - if not for reasons of genuine service to your citizens, then simply to maintain your power over people. But the only way you can maintain any power is by having the trust of the people. And for many, that trust is crumbling. Your power will crumble with it. The only way out is by revealing all truths regarding ET visitation.
Swallow hard

And Disclose All NOW





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