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These are just a small selection of explosive audios recorded in Air Traffic Control towers around the USA involving contact with UFOS. In one case they prove conclusively that NORAD lied about a UFO event involving a colossal 400 foot long UFO which was spotted by a Commercial airline pilot as well as a Stealth Fighter Pilot.

As a consequence of these Audio files and after reviewing them - Planet Flipside calls on American Authorities to revisit the events surrounding the tragic TWA 800 Flight - To have two Pilots report a 'Missile like' object almost striking a commercial airliner over Long Island, and then just 8 months later have Flight TWA 800 disintegrate in mid air off Long Island (after witnesses say they saw it being struck by a missile) is too important to ignore!

Simply click on each audio file to listen.

On the 25th of May 1995 a UFO incident occurred which involved a Commercial airliner, A Stealth fighter, Air Traffic Control and NORAD. NORAD subsequently denied in writing that this incident took place - but under FOIA laws - the audio from air traffic has been recovered and proves that NORAD were involved and that they did in fact confirm they were 'tracking' the UFO reported by the Commercial airliner. What is particularly astonishing about this recording is the fact that the UFO is reported as being approx 400 feet in length. The longest plane in existence is just 280 feet long.

An American West Airliner (Flight 564) was flying from Tampa Florida to Las Vegas Nevada at 39,000 feet. Whilst flying over Texas they spotted a UFO just below them at 30,000 feet. 

Flight 564 contacts Albuquerque Tower reporting that he can see a UFO and its length is "Unbelievable". 

At 400 feet long it still wasn't showing up on radar so Air Traffic Control contacted Cannon Air Force Base where he tells the female operator albeit in a bemused fashion - 'This is not good' 
She asks 'What does that mean?'
He replies 'I don't know. It's a UFO. It's that Roswell crap again'

Air Traffic Control advised a Nighthawk Stealth Fighter which was in the area of the sighting and the Pilot confirms he can see an object.

The long cylindrical shaped UFO then approaches both planes at very high speed and dangerously so - alarmed the American West flight gets back in touch with Air Traffic Control...

Flight 564 loses sight of the object which ran down the left wing side of his plane and a worried Air Traffic Control gets in touch with NORAD's Western Air Defence Headquarters in Tacoma - The controller explains to NORAD that this is a 'definite ufo, straight out of the x-files'

The NORAD controller seems unsure of what to do and seeks confirmation that this is 'serious' but in the background someone can be heard to say 'Holy ****' as though they have just spotted something incredible - The word was bleeped out.

13 minutes later Air Traffic checked in again with NORAD who had previously said they had nothing on radar - this time they did!

Norad admits that they found the object on radar and have been tracking it for several minutes.

The very thing NORAD have denied in writing to those who have enquired. Cleveland Air Traffic Control Audio

On the 9th of August 1997 a near miss with a UFO and a Commercial airliner happened above the skies of the USA. Swiss Air flight 127 was a Jumbo Jet heading for Zurich in almost perfect flying conditions when something invaded its air space and flew past at incredible speed and within a few hundred feet - too fast to be an airplane. The Pilot immediately contacted Boston Air Traffic Control to state he thought a rocket had just passed him.

In his official report the Captain described the object as long, cylindrical, white and looking like a 'white shark'...

Boston contacted another sector operator who was about to take over the guidance of the Swiss Air flight and stated 'Swiss Air has had a ufo or rocket almost hit him...'

The FAA concluded that the Pilot and Co-Pilot has witnessed a 'Weather Balloon'. 

Given that these were two of the most experienced Pilots Swiss Air had - does it sound like they are describing a 'Weather Balloon' to Boston? 

The audio is fairly clear and the audio from air traffic control lasts about 25 seconds... Swiss Air UFO Near Miss Incident


On the 18th November 1995 - A UFO came uncomfortably close to a Lufthansa Commercial Airliner (Flight 405 New York to Frankfurt) - it passed within 3,000 feet of the airliner. The Captain radioed Boston Air Traffic Control to ask if they had anything on radar, which "should be on our tail at ten miles as we passed it just one minute ago...and was really strange." Boston replied in the negative. 

Fortunately for the Lufthansa flight, a British Airways Flight (flight 226) also saw the UFO and when he heard the radio communication he pitched in with confirmation of the sighting and a detailed description of the UFO, which he had just witnessed too. The Lufthansa Captain was baffled but tried to explain and describe it to Boston and even went as far as saying "it looked like a UFO". 

Boston contacted 'Giant Killer' -

The Military establishment which watches and controls restricted air space over the North East of the USA - they denied having anything in the area (Giant Killer's audio is the most difficult section of the audio to hear clearly). However Giant Killer suggests to Boston that the pilots may be witnessing a meteor - The German Captain of the Lufthansa flight can be heard saying 'I don't know, it looked like a ufo' - The Scottish Captain of the British Airways flight can then be heard explaining why it can't be a meteor as it was maintaining level flight.

Here's the actual audio recording from air traffic control, giant killer and the Pilots - it's just over 1 minute long. Parts of it are really hard to understand but I've filtered it again and again to try and improve the quality... Long Island UFO Incident

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