The Legend Of Angor Wat




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Khmer Empire once dominated Southeast Asia for over 700 years and their biggest monument is Angkor Wat it contain more stones than the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Just like other ancient temple the Sun aligned with the center tower of Angkor Wat during the Spring Equinox day.

According to Khmer legend, Angkor Wat was built in the year 44 A.D. by a celestial architect who came from the Heaven in a Flying Chariot. The celestial architect's name was Pisnouka.

Also on the wall of Angkor Wat there is an inscription that is writing in Khmer that Angkor Wat was built by a person name Pisnouka.

 The name Pisnouka is well known in Khmer religious book, He is the celestial artist and architect. Pisnouka was the son of the celestial Apsara Tip-Choda-Chan, "Devine daughter of the Moon" and of the aged Lim Seng. His mother had sent him in heaven to a God who was master in fine arts and architecture for study.








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