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Bill Hamilton is a Consulting Senior Programmer-Analyst that has worked in the data processing field for over twenty-six years. In college he studied psychology and physics. He has an AA degree from Pierce College and is pursuing a further degree in Information Systems. He has pursued interests in science, mathematics, aeronautics, computers, and parapsychology. He has made a study of the UFO phenomenon since 1953.

Bill served in the Air Force (USAF Security Service) in the l961-65 time frame. He is a past member of The Foundation for Research in Parapsychology; The Spacecraft Research Foundation; The World Federation of Science and Engineering; Understanding Inc; and MENSA (the high IQ Society). He founded Nexus and Nexus News, an information center for the study of alternative technologies. He founded UFORUM, a monthly forum on UFOs, and the Lancaster UFORUM for the residents of Antelope Valley. He is a field investigator with MUFON and has been a member since 1976. He recently served as Director of Investigations for MUFON LA, and is now Assistant State Director for MUFON Arizona.
Bill has been writing and lecturing on UFOs since he was a teen-ager. Bill has authored the following books: Space, Time, and Gravity Center of the Vortex, Telos, the Cosmic Computer, Geometry of the Grid, Close Encounter Report, Alien Magic and Cosmic Top Secret.
He has written numerous articles for publication in the following journals and magazines: Search; Energy Unlimited; Borderland Sciences Journal; New Age Science Journal; the New Atlantean Journal; the Psychic Observer; UFO magazine; the MUFON Journal; UFO Universe, and Unsolved UFO Sightings.

In 1981 he was interviewed by Jim Ouei of Nippon TV on UFO research in Arizona, and again in 1990 on UFO research in the Antelope Valley of California. Bill has been interviewed on various radio programs, including the Billy Goodman show in Las Vegas, the Robert Prete show in Los Angeles, and Art Bell's Dreamland show. He has also been interviewed by various network and cable television shows, including ABC News in San Diego and the Fox network television show, Sightings.
Bill read the book, Flying Saucers from Outer Space by Donald Kehoe when still in grade school. By the time he went to high school, he was actively pursuing interests in the UFO phenomenon. He met and became acquainted with the early UFO contactees by attending the Giant Rock Spacecraft Conventions hosted by George Van Tassel. Bill has had over 100 personal sightings of UFOs and participated in communication experiments using light beam transceivers as early as 1958.

In 1976 he started investigating his first UFO abduction case and applied for membership in MUFON as a field investigator. From 1980-83 he served as Maricopa County Section Director for MUFON in Arizona and looked into several CE-3 and CE-4 cases. From 1987 to the present he has had a special interest in UFO activity in the Antelope Valley of California. Since 1980, he has also pursued research and investigation of UFO crash/retrievals and military and aerospace involvement with the phenomenon and research and development in advanced technology. From 1992 to 1995 he had served as Director of Investigations for MUFON-LA and conducted UFO Field Investigator classes in Los Angeles.

Bill presented a paper at the MUFON Symposium in Houston in 1980 on Electro gravity theory of spacecraft propulsion at the Advanced Propulsion Workshop hosted by NASA scientists Alan Holt. Bill has maintained an active interest in spacecraft propulsion systems and other areas of advanced technology as well as keeping abreast of the latest discoveries in astronomy and cosmology.
Hel has also researched underground facilities and their use in developing advanced technology as well as possibly alien technology. He is interested in all experiments that demonstrate antigravity.

Bill has authored a new revision of Alien Magic, which was released in February 1996. He now resides in Phoenix, Arizona where he has widened his interest to include extra-dimensional phenomena. In November 1996 he was appointed Assistant State Director for MUFON Arizona.


Calling Down the Craft: Adventures with the Mind
A video interview with Bill Hamilton
By Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan
Laughlin, Nevada, March 2006



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