UFO Over London Thames Estuary





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The Huffington Post showed the video to Marc Dantonio, chief photo and video analyst for the Mutual UFO Network.
"I noticed a horizontal glow below the main object glow. It looked like water to me, so I thought it might be a classic ship mirage where a ship out at sea appears to be separated from the horizon because of the temperature differential between the air and water," Dantonio told HuffPost.
Then, when he examined the follow-up video that gave more of a faraway view, showing the UFO with the context of land and water, he was more than convinced.
"You actually see that this object is, indeed, just above the horizon water line, exactly where the ship mirage effect takes place. I believe very strongly -- maybe 98 percent -- that that's what this is."





A video that would have more´╗┐ credibility if it had a reference point. Like buildings, clouds or trees. Good video anyways. Hope this one is not just another hoax.





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