Rachid Echahly

Anderson Cooper Covers UFO Disclosure





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The skeptic is an idiot. I am a commercial pilot and we are trained to scan the sky, identify, and then react especially to potential threats and not quickly but to act accordingly for the best possible solution.

This guy needs a lesson on CRM and how we actually are trained. If nothing else and at the very least we can certainly identify whether or not it is a traditional type of aircraft, speed, maneuverability, optic illusion and size. His credibility on the pilot part is simply crap!

Further more, as a pilot I'd say that by illiminating the fact that it is not a conventional aircraft and not an optical illusion. That leaves very little to the imagination. Military, Alien craft or maybe an occasional weather balloon which we are aware of launch areas as well. I have also seen weather balloons in flight and their course rarely if ever deviates course.

I can understand a weather balloon miss identified from the ground but it is much easier to do from the air. Sorry fat skeptic!

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