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UFO Sighting In South India






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A UFO was sighted in South India and posted to YouTube in what may be the first incident reported from an area of the world not usually thought to witness such paranormal activity.
In what may be the first UFO sighting from the area caught on tape, a string of unidentified flying objects was filmed from the side of a busy highway over the hills of a South India town.
The objects were witnessed by a group of people who clearly had never seen such a sight and who excitedly commented on the phenomenon, obviously thrilled but not afraid.

The glowing objects fade in and out of vision, increasing and decreasing in intensity. All the while they maintain altitude, ruling out parachutes or Chinese lanterns. They seem to be dancing in the sky, obviously controlled. But they do not resemble any type of known aircraft, particularly in that region of the world.

Here's the video:



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