Amsterdam UFO Accidentally Caught On Tape




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A UFO was accidentally videotaped from a plane taking off from Amsterdam airport and not discovered until the next day. The hovering unidentified flying object doesn't look like any known aircraft. So what is it?

Amsterdam UFO Accidentally Caught on tape


This intriguing video was taken at takeoff from Amsterdam on an iPhone. The
YouTuber explains that the object wasn't noticed until reviewing the footage the following day. Then it was quite noticeable that a strange object was caught on tape hovering in the sky nearby the jet's flight path.

The UFO is rounded and reflects light, but it's not moving and seems undisturbed by the airliner's turbulence. Any usual explanation, such as weather balloon or Chinese lanterns doesn't seem to apply. It's inconceivable airport officials would allow hovering objects free reign over airspace crawling with passenger jets arriving and departing.

So what is it?

Here's the video:





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