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UFO / Orb Over Santa Barbara




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Silver Hovering Orb UFO Spooks Santa Barbara

A silvery orb UFO, which just hangs in the skies over Santa Barbara, California was caught on tape seemingly motionless in the air. What is it?
The witness who posted the video to YouTube comments that the orb was just hovering in the sky for an hour before being filmed. The clip below lasts a few minutes and the comments say that it hung there for another 20 minutes after that.

The unidentified flying object is round, silvery and shows no lights or markings. If it's a weather balloon, it's a strange one. What balloon hangs motionless in one spot for more than an hour?
An enlarged photo of the UFO doesn't reveal any defining details, so it must be extremely high in the sky.
It doesn't seem to make a sound as it just hovers in place and it's strange that the object doesn't seem to move around very much before just disappearing.

So what is it?

Here's the video:

Source: Gather.com


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