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Mysterious Lights Puzzle St.Petersburg




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At least four people in the north of the city captured the unidentified lights on video on Monday night and posted them to YouTube.

Similar videos of unidentified lights were uploaded by YouTube users stepacademymail, monplezirvideo and Marina Muskina. Voices can be heard in the videos trying to make sense of the lights.

The BaltInfo news agency said the whole city was discussing the sightings and that its offices had received phone calls from worried residents.

While the authorities have not weighed in on the sightings, a St. Petersburg scientist said last month that aliens probably keep their distance from humans.

"Aliens look at us as if we are idiots, undeveloped people," said Sergei Smirnov of the prestigious Pulkovo Observatory outside St. Petersburg. "Perhaps they have fenced us in with their own sort of screen for the whole galaxy and are sending warnings to hundreds of billions of stars that the civilization near the Dwarf star, which we call the Sun, is dangerous."





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