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UFO Mass Sightings Worldwide: What Is Going On?

BY Michelle Devlin

The sightings are being reported all around the planet.
The increase was first observed by media last year, when thousands of Norwegians witnessed a strange spiraling light in the sky, which was also seen in Australia and Moscow, leaving scientists baffled.

Chinese airports have been closed down a dozen times since 2011due to unexplained flying vessels (UFV's).
A glowing sphere was witnessed in Jerusalem last January hovering and then emitting blinding flashes of light over the holiest site in the world, the Dome of the Rock, which was witnessed and videotaped by several different cameras.

Almost daily now, video reports are appearing on You Tube, showing videos taken by everyday people, capturing strange glowing orbs, triangle shaped lights, even massive fleets of saucers in the skies.
The evidence is mounting. Even the most skeptical amongst us can hardly deny that there appears to be some kind of 'presence' in the skies over Earth these days.

Compelling evidence as witnessed on the above You Tube video leads the announcer to say"...disclosure is very close, and the... people need to prepare themselves very soon for an announcement from their governments that there is in fact extra terrestrial presence engaging this planet and the human race.”

This is the introduction to a series of articles that I will be launching to address this phenomenon, and I invite your comments, your opinions, your videos, and yes...your sense of humor. If indeed we are on the verge of disclosure, then preparation is of the utmost importance. Let's begin a dialogue, and keep it respectful of each other's differing viewpoints and opinions, while keeping our minds, and our hearts open…







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