Rachid Echahly

France April 2012

Probes Hiding In Clouds





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Source: ufosonearth.com

Multiple white objects were recorded moving inside the clouds at daylight on April 2nd 2012 near Paris, France. The probes seem to be “hiding” because they only move inside the clouds.

Author WTFflow @ youtube: “After eating, I was taking a nap in my garden.
This time was impressive. I love watching the sky, clouds, meteo, in my
garden, sometimes when it’s sunny. I spotted several strange objects, white lights hovering over a huge cloud.

I immediatly took my camcorder and filmed the objects. The sighting
was not very long, but I could record them. The orbs were in all the clouds,
invading the sky. I think those lights were there since longtime.
The question is, what did they do?! I think they were spying us.

So, as well, I tried to find what was it. First I thought about helicopters…
but at this high? In this huge cloud, all up there, hundreds
of kilometers?

And if they were helicopters we should have seen
the whole object, not to mention the powerful zoom of my camera. (78x)
A man can’t go with a helicopter at hundreds of kilometers in the sky.
Notice that sometimes, the orbs disappear.

So, drones, orbs, probes, military unknown objects or UFOs?
Spotted and filmed by me in France, near Paris, April 2012.“





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