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Flying Orbs Over Illinois




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A new video has surfaced that was filmed in Illinois this week .

It is just one of many sightings that are being captured on film around the country, and indeed around the world. Orb shaped bright lights that move in unison, fly in triangle and line formations and hover over cities are becoming a familiar sight, as these 'lightships' appear to be showing themselves to us increasingly in the past few weeks.

Here is the eyewitness account in his own words, as taken from the You Tube description:

"I first would like to say sorry for the profanity language in the video as well as all the shaking. The roads were very bumpy, and I had no tripod at the time.

I was on my way home from having dinner with a friend when we noticed four bright lights suddenly appearing in the Eastern sky lined up in a straight line. I was traveling East down Lincoln Highway or Route 30 in Matteson, just passing Harlem Avenue when we noticed the lights.

They all appeared very suddenly, and were just about in a straight line formation. We knew that these were not airplanes or helicopters because of how sudden they appeared, and how still they were at first.

Then I took out my camera and told my friend to film it while I try to drive closer to it. After filming for about five minutes, we decided to just turn around and head back home. On are way back home, I looked back in my mirror, and noticed that they moved into a triangular formation, was not able to get video of that though. Then we went back to my friends house to get some more footage of them.

The whole event lasted over 30 minutes, possibly almost an hour." wiltgen86




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