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Spooky UFO Over London




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UFO over London, England / May 2, 2012


These three lights flew about 5 minutes south west of London, England on 05/02/2012 . Twenty-six people have reported this celestial phenomenon. Maybe more people have seen it? Watch the close up video.


A triangular, shifting UFO was caught on tape on a cloudy, moonlit night over London looking like something straight out of a horror movie. What is it?

The video, posted to YouTube, is shot straight up, adding to the mysterious effect of a full moon peeking out through brightly lit clouds as the unidentified flying object silently hovers overhead.

The objects caught on video are steady, unblinking lights, which start out as a classic tri-corner pattern until they begin to shift in relation to each other. As the scene unfolds, the illuminated orbs move in and out of cloud cover until just one is left visible. At the end of the clip that single light suddenly shoots out of view.

The scene is eerie and evokes some of the more memorable images staged for effect in movies. But this is all too real. The witness filming the event utters an expletive before the UFO disappears, obviously startled beyond coherency.

The objects don't look like planes, jets or helicopters, but seem to be piloted by an intelligent will. It's definitely not a bird or anything normally expected to be flying in the night sky.


Source: Gather.com


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