Red Pulsating Triangle Over England

July 28th, 2012




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The triangles represent a unique part of the aerial phenomena subject.
While traditional fixed-wing aircraft could carry lights to create such an appearance in a night sky, the performance often exhibited by the objects quite often runs contrary to their flying ability.

The so-called “ Belgian Wave” of 1989-90 saw many of these triangular craft. The most famous of these events was recently attacked by someone claiming it to have been a Styrofoam model but the performance of the craft and that capable of such a primitive hoax do not match up well at all.

We will learn nothing of this subject by hemming and hawing at the eyewitness reports while then quickly jumping on the first unsubstantiated claim of fakery.
We either weigh all reports-positive and negative-equally, or we might as well buy the first display in the nearest Ripley museum.

 Mike Franklin July 28, 2012






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