The Most Important Picture

Humanity Has Ever Taken




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I'll be very ashamed at anybody who doesn't know what picture I am talking about. when I say "The Most Important Picture Humanity Has Ever Taken" because everybody needs to know about this image! It is exactly what it says in the title, it is simply the most important picture mankind has ever taken. I am talking of course, of the Hubble deep field.

The Hubble deep field is a picture of the furthest we have ever seen out into space. The Hubble telescope stared out into a patch of sky around the size of a grain of sand for around 7 days, gathering and processing information, and day by day zooming its lenses deeper and deeper into the cosmos, even deeper than we ever thought possible.

Every single point of light you see in this picture above is an entire galaxy, just gleaming in the darkness of space. Makes you feel pretty small doesn't it, and just knowing how many countless stars and planets must be contained in each one of these galaxy's makes you feel even smaller, not to mention all of these galaxy's are squeezed into a portion of the sky the same size as a grain of sand! Below is a video I hope will give you a better grasp of knowledge to how incredible the Hubble deep field actually is. I would say, " I hope you enjoy" but its impossible not to !


The Hubble Deep Field





Credit: Anonymousfo



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