UFO At London Olympics 2012




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New Olympics UFO spotted over Camden


A UFO sighting over the night skies of Camden, England is the kind of incident which can turn skeptics into true believers. There's nothing like being at a loss for an explanation.

The unidentified flying object in question this time is so strange looking, it's easy to see why some people prefer to keep an open mind when it comes to aliens and UFOs.

A bright, white orb just hovers silently in the sky over an outdoor party being held in the London neighborhood of Camden, England, just miles from the Olympic games. Two of the revelers, one luckily armed with an iPhone, take their eyes off the street action long enough to look at the weird object just floating noiselessly above.

Conventional aircraft, like helicopters, display flashing navigational lights, especially over a busy city. Why this object flashes a steady white lends an air of mystery to what is, in all probability, a snooping spy drone on the lookout for hooligans.


It's the reactions of the two blokes in this UFO video who are taking time out to marvel at the object tantalizing the camera. For a pair of buds who are used to seeing all kinds of familiar aircraft buzzing the skies, they're obviously puzzled. And, even if for only a moment, a thought springs to mind.

Are UFOs real?

Anyone who's ever watched a strange, out-of-place object in the sky for any length of time will usually agree on one thing.
Seeing is believing.




Credit: Examiner



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