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Mufon report:

Me and my sister were on our way home from a piano class on Wednesday October 31, 2012 (Halloween night). I was driving east on freeway 8 around 8:50pm. As I was approaching Main St. exit I saw a straight line of blue lights in the sky.
To begin with, Ive had many UFO sighting. I always look up at the sky especially if there are any obvious strange lights. I had to look twice when I saw these lights.
I had to quickly pull over on the side of the freeway (after almost crashing because of the sighting). And for safety reasons it was the best thing to do.

I started to record this event. I sat in my car for about an hour and fifteen minutes. As I observed these lights I noticed at first there was almost a pattern to the lights. They were blinking on and off. Then I noticed this line started to move altogether side to side but very quietly. Watching it move was a different experience. I cannot explain it. There was absolutely no noise. But above these lights I saw a small round object. This object was very small compared to the line of lights that i had seen. This object had no lights and no noise. It was just there right above the line of lights. My first reaction to seeing these lights is, "Its a UFO it has to be." As it started to become foggy I was no longer able to see the small object but the lights remained put.

My camera was able to capture a fair image of this event. I do not know what the distance was from where I was at to where the lights were. From what I saw it was a good view and these lights were pretty high in the sky. My sister being my witness was also able to identify what I was seeing. What I have on video are my true feelings. I hope I am not mistaken.





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