Aliens: Why Are They Here ?

What Do They Want ?





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Recently, I received a very interesting email from one of our readers. Here is what she asked me:

As people around the world try to prove the existence of UFOs, I am curious about why creatures of other worlds want to find us. No one seems to address this question.
We seem fixed on only seeking proof that UFOs exist and that we have been and are being visited. If any intelligence can travel great distances through space to find other worlds, they must have a reason.
I ask because if we had the technology to do so, we would certainly have cause to find other worlds. So I ask for your expertise. Can you think why they're here, and what do they want of us?

Searching for an answer

I wish that I had the answer to her thought-provoking question. I do not, but I would like to offer some opinions. I have thought about these questions many times, and I believe all of us would are looking for an answer.
If we look back at recorded history, movies, books and various interpretations of ancient civilizations, we find a number of scenarios offered as to why an alien race might want to visit or have already visited planet Earth. Those who believe that we have already been visited, must ask themselves, "Are they coming back, and if so, when?" Many of these theories are still being explored by today's researchers. Here is what a lot of Ufologists believe:

Possible Explanations

1) Possibly another race might want one or some of our resources, something that their planet has expended, and is essential to their continuing existence.

2) Maybe they simply want to make contact wth another planet for friendly or educational reasons.

3) Possibly their planet is dying and they need an entire new planet to live on, which of course, implies a possible end of life as we know it.

These are just a few of the many possibilities.

Mankind's Quest:

Since the dawn of time, man has looked to the heavens in wonderment. As he watched the night skies, he wondered about the many stars and other atmospheric phenomena he may have seen. What are they? How far away are they, do other people live on the stars?"
When he watched birds fly across the sky, he must have asked himself, "What if I could fly?"

When modern man finally understood the very basics of flight, he must have wondered, "How far can a plane fly, how fast can it go?
"Is it possible that we could journey to the Moon, or Mars, or other planets?"

As radio communication advanced, we began to wonder, "How far can we send a radio message?"
We pondered the possibility that if there was life somewhere else in the Universe, and we could send a radio signal far enough to contact another race, would they respond to us?

As far as proving that UFOs exist, we must consider that there are many UFO reports of vehicles able to maneuver at speeds far beyond our current capability.
For theoretical purposes, let us assume that there are indeed vehicles from other worlds visiting Earth. We have to wonder why they have not contacted us directly, or "have they?" and we, the common man have no knowledge of it.

It is important to consider the fact that if UFOs are real, we do not know for certain that they come from mind-boggling distances from our planet. It is possible that they are from another dimension, or our future.

Regardless of where they come from, the question still stands: "Why are they here, and what do they want?"

To Search Or Not To Search ?

Numerous times I have wondered if it was such a good idea to attempt contact with an extraterrestrial race. Many have gone full-force, head-long into attempting to make contact, seemingly without considering the many ramifications. Is simply knowing the truth worth the risk involved?

If we believe in the many accounts of alien abduction, we must surmise that their intentions are not of a positive nature. What if an aggressive, warring race heard our signal? What if they were looking for a people to enslave for their own selfish reasons? Are alien abductions just a probative entry level to full-blown contact?

If they have heard our signal, we have given them a road map to our planet, and assuming they are technologically advanced, they could simply set a course for Earth.

On the other hand, maybe they would be a benevolent society with answers to our many questions; solutions to many of our greatest problems here on Earth. That is the conundrum.

Should we have taken that chance? Is it already too late? Possibly even now, they are making their plans for a full-scale invasion of Earth.



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