Stranger At The Pentagon




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BASED ON TRUE EVENTS! Space Emissary Valiant Thor lives at the Pentagon for 3 years under Eisenhower Administration.

"The landing of Valiant Thor was perhaps the first documented landing of a human-type alien by military officials. He met with President Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon for an hour, then the alien was put on VIP status and shuttled back to the Pentagon."  --Harley Byrd, Project Blue Book, Division of United States Air Force

"Stranger at the Pentagon" is inspired by True Events from the book of the same name. It was first published in 1967. It remains a UFO classic to date.

Author Dr. Frank E. Stranges met Commander Valiant Thor, a Created Being and spiritual representative of the universe on Christmas Eve in 1959.

Our story begins when Thor lands on Earth in his technological wonder "Victor One" on Saturday, March 16, 1957 at 8:00 AM. President Eisenhower, Vice President Richard Nixon, the Joint Chiefs of Staff--all rush to the Oval Office to meet with the extraterrestrial. When Thor explains his presence, the men ponder his endless technological possibilities. They contemplate their future strategy either using friendship or force to gain control. Thor’s three-year invitation to reside at the Pentagon under VIP status begins.

A designated Vice General in the Joint Chiefs of Staff has plans to climb the military ladder. Thor is his goal. To attain what Thor knows will ensure the United States military supremacy over the world, and status with his superiors. When all else fails, he takes Thor to the Empyrean, the leader of 13 men who make-up the SSS: the Secret Shadow Society--the men who really run the world from behind the corporate curtain. The Empyrean has liaisons across the universe with malevolent beings who have groomed him on how to handle Thor.

Will Commander Thor succumb to the evils of the SSS? Will the government gain control over him and his technology? What is the fate of the Earth? Who will tell the “stranger” at the pentagon’s story--in the government cover-up of all government cover-ups?


"Stranger at the Pentagon” movie will answer these questions: 

- Where does Commander Valiant Thor come from?
- Why did he come to Earth?
- Who appointed him?
- Did other Created Beings come with him?
- What is a Created Being?
- What powers do Created Beings have?
- What do the advanced technologies on board the Victor Class Saucers and the Starship look like and how do they function?
- Is there life on other planets in the Milky Way Galaxy?
- Is there religion on other worlds?
- Is there a hierarchy to the universe?                                                         
- Is there a Universal Sovereign?






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