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Recently I was watching TV and came across Jessie Ventura's show (True TV) "Conspiracy Theory" and low and behold he just happened to be doing a show on the "Skinwalker Ranch".  If any of you don't know the story it is well imbedded  in the folklore of the UFO community.

Some of what seems to be haunted areas are in fact UFO hotspots. Not only are  there UFOs and cattle mutilations but invisible entities and very strange animal behavior.  A rancher bought one such property to breed bulls. This is  a very lucrative business if done right and the rancher  had the "right stuff".

The litany of experiences reported by this rancher where so mind blowing that a billionaire, Robert Bigalow, bought the ranch and kept the rancher  on to help out.investigating The ranchers wife would not go on the property, because of what they experienced and they now lived in another home.

Of all the books I have ever reed on this subject "Hunt For The Skinwalker" was the most fun to read.. What was reported there was so insane that you couldn't made it up if you tried.
Bigalow never respected the UFO community, so  much so, that  any verifiable documentation has of what really happened has never been  released. To punctuate this he  put security guards on the property to keep away the riffraff - us.

The book is written by one of the scientist who stayed there and it goes into detail about  the  ranchers strange experiences.Skeptics will claim it was all a hoax even though the UFOs etc  were reported there and  investigated long before Bigalow came on the scene.

There something about these ranches  that stuck me in the gut and when other ranches like - James Gilliland's UFO Ranch started experiencing UFOS and strange creatures I started wondering why aliens would allow this to happen. My answer is simple. I think they were testing grounds to see how humans would respond. They may  been offering scientist a safe  way to start of studying them in real time. Believe it or not, accoreding to reports,  many in the science field visited the Gillliland Ranch.

The UFO community is made up of people who've had sincere experiences. We are the ones who are the brunt of the jokes and snide remarks.

If Bigalow is more than just a cooperate member of the one percenters  then release any evidence you have, and if there is none we want to know. 






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