Piris Reis Map 1513


Hadji Muhiddin Piri Ibn Hadji Mehmed



Ancient Aliens And Their Influence

Still skeptical about the existence of Ancient Aliens and their past influence on
Earth?  One of the most amazing pieces of evidence that has ever been
discovered is the Piri Reis Map which clearly depicts the South American
Coastline and part of what looks very much like the coast of Queen Maud
Land which is a section of Antarctica.

The strange thing was that the coast of Queen Maud Land had been covered
with a thick sheet of ice for many centuries and its shape was only known to
modern mapmakers through the use of modern seismographic equipment.

Most serious professional geographers reject a theory that has raised many
eyebrows throughout history; that an advance world-wide civilization
could have existed. This theory was conceived by A.H. Mallery but was
dismissed until Professor Charles H. Hapgood, of Keene State College at
the Universityof New Hampshire became interested in Mallery's unorthodox
theory about an advance civilization and wrote a book called Maps of the
Ancient Sea Kings.  The book suggests that at one time in the ancient past
there was a world-wide civilization with advanced technology. Though this
civilization was destroyed, some of its knowledge survived to wind up in the
maps.  This has been one of the leading arguments for the existence of
Atlantis and other mythical civilizations that were once thought to exist in our ancient past.  

However, a more radical and most intriguing theory was proposed by best
selling author Eric Von Daniken.  He suggests that these maps could have
only been drawn with the aid of extra-terrestrials and that they would have
the technology to see past the ice sheets of Antarctica and have the
navigational ability to map out the earth's topography with such precision.



The Piris Reis Map, among other findings, would be one of the most convincing arguments as to the existence of Ancient
Aliens (Ancient Astronauts) who once communicated and intervened with Earth's ancient civilizations.

Riddled with mystery, the Piri Reis map has continued to baffle many experts.  One of the most interesting facts about
this map is the story behind it and the "hear say" that this map was created by older maps.  So in summary these are the
theories derived form this map:

- Atlantians did exist and they were an advance civilization that existed throughout the world
- Aliens truly do exist and helped past civilizations create maps for navigation
- Older known civilizations were a lot more advance than we expected
- Someone sucks and is playing a well orchestrated hoax on everyone

Source: arcturi.com

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