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Apollo 14 Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D., sixth man to walk on moon


Yes, there have been ET visitations. There have been crashed craft. There have been material and bodies recovered. There has been a certain amount of reverse engineering that has allowed some of these craft, or some components, to be duplicated.

And there is some group of people that may or may not be associated with government at this point, but certainly were at one time, that have this knowledge.

They have been attempting to conceal this knowledge or not permit it to be widely disseminated. ... People in high level government have very, very little, if any, valid information about this.

Most have no more knowledge than the man in the street. ... [As to] the question, "How could it be kept secret?" It hasn't been kept secret. It's been there all along. But it has been the subject of disinformation in order to deflect attention and create confusion so the truth doesn't come out. ...

I believe it is a very important effort that we get Congressional oversight of all this.




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Buzz Aldrin




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